Monday, December 3, 2012

Episode 70: "Spread the love..."


  1. Enjoyed your tribute and the podcast this week. You two are so wonderful. Your love for each other is amazing and you set an example for all married couples everywhere. The fact the your husband went out and made something out of wood so your fat cake of yarn would flow better is so sweet. I enjoy your show, no matter the circumstances. Thank you!

  2. Dawn,
    Thank you for sharing your tribute to Karrie and your cried for many of us and if I could have held your hand or given you a hug through my computer, I would have. Your husband is certainly your rock of support. Lucky you.
    When my mother died ( and I miss her every day) a very wise person said to me," God gave a memories so we might have roses in December"... I felt close to Karrie because I watched all her podcasts and felt I knew her. She was my knitting buddy over the miles and across the web and I am so happy I found her smiling face and sweet nature. I look forward to knitting her designs.
    Hugs, mary (aka woolybnits)