Monday, March 11, 2013

Episode 84: On the Road to Recovery!

25% off scent of the month: pomegranate

Farm Happenings: planting trees/Fuji

In the Coop: Farbenfroh/Cat's in the Cradle

Flown the Coop: Bad Wolf/I Heart DW/preemie hat

To Market: Cat's in the Cradle

Squeal like a Pig: Breaking Dawn 2

Patterns: turtle,turtle from [appleblossomsf] (person)

In the Arena:

Fibre Town [chainoffools](person) Emily -7 episodes

Geeky Girls Knit [javapurl](person) C.C and [damaris-abitweird](person) 28 episodes

Knitting Brooklyn and Tracey (tbmccarthy) are teaming up once again for Remembering Remy. This year we will be knitting and crocheting preemie hats from Feb. 23 to May 29th. Tracey has tied in pediatric cancer awareness this year in honor of Remy’s cousin Ty who passed away in 2012 at age 5 from cancer. All the fabulous prizes this year will be in gold tones for the gold ribbon symbolizing pediatric cancer awareness. There is also a petition we are asking everyone to take the time to sign to have the White House lit up in gold during the month of September for pediatric cancer awareness. Threads to enter for prizes can be found on the KB ravelry board.

Colorful KAL with Lemknitcrochet Podcast

Fundraising/Raffle info

Knittinonthefly - Oyster race/make a wish

Meliabella 3 Day for the Cure

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