Monday, May 20, 2013

Episode 94: The Daffy Show!

Farm Happenings: ducks integrated
What's Cookin'?: Strawberry Freezer Jam (directions on container)

Farmer's Market: Rosyretro code rosysummer 10%
Mae Flowers Shawl   coupon code shawl 4 and receive $1 off through May 31st.
Squeal like a Pig: icord maker from Heidi [cookieladyknits](person) 
shawl gem from Terri Tix Trinkets 
In the Arena: 
IndieString podcast [indiestring](person) Kay 
Knitting Brooklyn and Tracey (tbmccarthy) are teaming up once again for Remembering Remy. This year we will be knitting and crocheting preemie hats from Feb. 23 to May 29th.
Sheepdreamery donating a skein of yarn each month for the Hatch a Knit Contest! 
Martina Behm A Long in May/June with the Lemknitcrochet Podcast! 
Desert Vista Dyeworks - wolfe15/wolfefarms15...donating a prize!
Appleblossom and Ewe....donating a bag!
What the duck?: SOS Summer of Stuffies June/July/August......

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  1. So I am watching your pod cast and hearing that you are having problems with your bread. I have been making bread for 30 years. So I hope I can help. One thing you need is moisture. This helps to keep things rising. Try putting a pan (cake pan) with water in it, into your oven when rising and baking. Next, how much yeast are you using? If it is about 2 Tbsp., cut it back to about 1 1/2 tbsp. see if that makes a difference. Temp is important, when adding yeast, I just make sure that it is a little more than comfortable to my finger. Also, how old is your yeast? If you keep it in the cupboard then it is most likely dead, meaning that it can rise about once, but after that, forget it. So, buy a new batch of yeast and keep it in the freezer in an air tight container. Only take out what you need at the time of baking. I hope this helps and feel free to contact me if you need more suggestions!! By the way, I so enjoy seeing your "Farm Happenings" God Bless! Debie