Monday, July 21, 2014

Redhead In Action!

25% off scent of the month: Coconut

Farm Happenings: painting

What's Cookin'?: Frozen Bananayum!

In the Coop: Lena Socks/Spinning (prize thread for tdf)

Flown the Coop: Turtle, Turtle/Spinning

To Market: backdrops

Squeal Like a Pig:
Miss Winkle from [stitchedbysasha](person)

Catch the Rainbow from [knittyvankat](person)

Wispy Cardigan from [knitwitintexas](person)

Cory the Curious Fish from [knittinLoveeasttn](person)

Package from [mad79](person)

Bag from [stitchedbysasha](person)

In the Arena:
[stitchesplease](person) kickstarter for yarn dying

Designer A Long -
June/July - Susan Claudino (noknitsherlock)...
Aug/Sept. - Lauren McMordie (lemknitcrochet)...
Oct./Nov. - Thea Colman

Round Up: buttons,
Instagram #fightlikeagirl #fuji #wolfephotos #knittinwolf

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