Monday, October 13, 2014

Episode 167: Tasty Ears!

25% off scent of the month: candy corn

Farm Happenings: Dundee/Mt. Whitney/Lombardi Ranch/tractor
New segment: Farmer's Almanac by puffygriffinclaw....Let's Get Quackin/Quacker Time by kermitvonfrog; Cockadoodledoo by Pauly81; Town Meeting deedalee; bee in bonnet/stuck in craw/burr in saddle wurster-weight; Clucking on Farm by lauramag;

In the Coop: Scrappy Happy Blankie/Irish Coffee (knittinloveeasttn/Jo)

Pic'n on the Farm: Long exposure

Squeal Like a Pig: package from Filipa

In the Arena:
Minerva Turkey [minervaturkey](person)

Designer A Long -
Oct./Nov. - Thea Colman

Round Up:
buttons, itunes,
Fuji button

Instagram #fightlikeagirl #fuji #wolfephotos #knittinwolf

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