Monday, December 22, 2014

Episode 177: When Santa's at Work, the Reindeer will Play!

25% off scent of the month: Christmas Scents

Farm Happenings: Fuji chemo

Farmer's Almanac: Question 11: Is there an animal that you don’t have on the farm but would like to someday/oneday? Annmcgee

In the Coop: Planters Punch/Groovy Socks

Flown the Coop: Hyla Brook

Squeal Like A Pig:
Princess and the Pea from [valeria](person)
Rolling Rock from [sundaisy920](person)
Mini skeins from [emilcarv1963] (person)
Mini skeins from Angel [amcgarrah](person)
Christmas package from [maddiesmama](person)
Won a yoga mat!

In the Arena:
Designer A Long - Thea Colman
Hatch A Knit

Yarn prize: [familydiva](person) [sundaisy920](person)
Pattern: [filipamc](person)

Round Up:
buttons, itunes, "Twas Night before Christmas..."
Fuji button

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