Monday, March 30, 2015

Episode 191: I Get Your Point!

25% off scent of the month: Cherry Almond

Farm Happenings: power outage/dentist/drywall/truck

Farmer's Almanac: Question 25: catcrazycreations (Sonya) I seen your podcast where you showed your farm animals and noticed the white duck with the pom-pom thing on the top of it’s head. Could you tell me what kind of duck that is? This question is for Dawn. Do you take your knitting with you when you travel? Do you have certain knitting projects that are only worked on when you travel?

In the Coop: Planter's Punch/Spinning

Flown the Coop: Preemie Hats/Layer Cake's

Round Up:
Hatch a Knit
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