Monday, May 25, 2015

Episode 199: I'm the Mule!

25% off scent of the month: Cucumber Melon

Farm Happenings & Pic' n on the Farm: college stuff (testing & registration)/Weasley photoshoot/Jimmy photoshoot

In the Coop: Topanga/Appia/Miss Winkle/woodworking

Flown the Coop: Planter's Punch/yarn bowl

Squeal Like a Pig:
Package from hotpinksocks
Package from tgknits
Justk33pknittin9 bag from bayareaknitter

In the Arena:
Southern Girl Knits [tishknits33](person) 24 episodes

Round Up:
Hatch a Knit
Wolfe Farm Video Podcast Button

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