Monday, January 11, 2016

Episode 232: The Camel Cold!

Farm Happenings:  SICK/Papi Clip & Pop/
Farmer's Almanac:  Jodi/Toad72 
I have a totally unrelated to knitting question for knittinwolf. I would like to know your skin care routine. You have gorgeous skin and I want your secret! I know you use the products you make but do you do anything else? Also, I know you have a lot of allergies. I’m wondering if you have a lot of issues with makeup and hair products? I’ve noticed recently I’ve been having problems with eye makeup.
Squeal Like a Pig: Show Me Yarn!
Round Up
Packyknits Design (Heidi/packyknits1) ....  skein of yarn...wolfe16 til May 1 
Prizes:  Have a month...announced on episode 231 Jan.4...have until Feb. 4


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