Monday, June 6, 2016

Episode 253: Pickled Yarn!

Wolfe Farms Closing Month!

Farm Happenings: CPP/Finals/Birthday/Dogs Pool Time/Dog Baths...

In the CoopScrappy Happy Blanket 3/Scrappy Granny/Petunia Socks/Zombie Socks/Rolling Rock/Spinning Crochet Magic Knot

Flown the Coop:  Layer Cake
Squeal Like a Pig:  
Round Up
Summer Sport Weight Sweater KAL SSSKAL sponsored by The Rusted  Stitch & Show Me Yarn!
Show Me Yarn Coupon code: SSSKAL10  
Good on any custom order of our Cyclone base in a sweaters quantity in any of our tonal or semi solid colorways. Good 1 use per person through August up on Show Me Yarn’s Ravelry
Wolfe Farm soap/lotion
Studio in the Green Sock bag! 



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