Monday, October 3, 2016

Episode 266: Thank You for the Five Years!

Farm Happenings: Papi Chulo/Thank you for the journey!
Farmer's Almanac:  hotpinksocks 
What has been your greatest Joy in podcasting for so many years?
In the CoopScrappy Happy Jimmy Blanket 3/Pure Joy/Crochet Scrappy Blanket
Squeal Like a Pig:  mini's from Kris (halcyon)
Final Round Up
Summer Hatch a Knit:  July/August/September 
Wolfe Farms Soap/Lotion #11 hotpinksocks
Bags from Tena #80 k8erpillar  #326 mawre


  1. THanks for brightening my Monday Morning! Glad we have connected on Instagram

    1. I'm sad to see you go. :( Even though I was one of your later subscribers I have enjoyed you so very much. It's such a joy to see a couple who cares about each other and loves being together. God bless you both <3