Monday, January 28, 2013

Episode 78: Burro Xing!

Farm Happenings: Death Valley 

What's Cookin'?:  dehydrating/bread making/homemade tortillas/homemade tortilla chips 
Flown the Coop:  Indie Pig/Downton Cowl/Pink Handspun [appleblossomsf]
Squeal like a Pig: 
Patterns:  Downton Cowl from Amy [thismomknitstoo]
Lacuna Shawl from Angelea [amcgarrah] 
Happy Monster from Dawn [dangermouse]
Pic'n on the farm:  Getting to know your camera/ISO setting
In the Arena:  
Snuggles Project 2013 - Yarnivore Podcast 
Big thank you's to those who have entered their snuggles:  [wiscknitter], [knitnpurlgurl], [qeenribbit], [knittertoo], [knitgal2], [amiyesiam].....(as of recording time)
Mel-tran Designs Podcast - [ananzi] meltrandesigns on plurk/ Ravelry Group
Elizabeth Quintan Designs - donated bag 

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