Monday, February 4, 2013

Episode 79: Because Size Matters!

Farm Happenings: HAK prizes: #171 knittingamyk   #142 phoenixfire
In the Coop:  Rocky Coast/Zuzu's Petals
Farmer's Market: 
Eardornment Etc.  Jackie/[flancers]15% off with wolfefarms0213. It’ll run through February.
To Market: Cyborg yarn (Lemknitcrochet Fundraiser)Donate here for HLH/Knitpicks
Pic'n on the farm:  Getting to know your camera/file size
In the Arena:  
Snuggles Project 2013 - Yarnivore Podcast 
Big thank you's to those who have entered their snuggles this week (as of the recording): elizstitches (9), bellasocks, qeenribbit, knittertoo, chaotichooker, fourkittieshavei, stitchesplease, 9grands4grma
Elizabeth Quintan Designs - donated bag

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