Monday, February 18, 2013

Episode 81: She's Stuck with Me!

Farm Happenings: Gypsy/tree clearing
In the Coop:  Color Affection/Camera/voodoo
Flown the Coop: Zuzu's Petals
Farmer's Market: 
Eardornment Etc.   Jackie/[flancers] 15% off with wolfefarms0213. It’ll run through February.
Squeal like a Pig:  Knittingsmybag bag from Sadie [blueruin]  
Da Fungus Amigurumi from [heavensjoy] Kareen
Voodoo, you love me? From [sheepdreamery] Keli
Pic'n on the farm:  Getting to know your camera/white balance 
In the Arena:  
Snuggles Project 2013 - Yarnivore Podcast
Big thank you's to those who have entered their snuggles (as of this recording): bunniphish, 9grands4grma, skinouye, crazychickenlady, mariawilhelmina, Qeenribbit, sandrarum, jenzcowz, irocknits
Knitting Brooklyn and Tracey (tbmccarthy) are teaming up once again for Remembering Remy. This year we will be knitting and crocheting preemie hats from Feb. 23 to May 29th. Tracey has tied in pediatric cancer awareness this year in honor of Remy’s cousin Ty who passed away in 2012 at age 5 from cancer. All the fabulous prizes this year will be in gold tones for the gold ribbon symbolizing pediatric cancer awareness. There is also a petition we are asking everyone to take the time to sign to have the White House lit up in gold during the month of September for pediatric cancer awareness.
Elizabeth Quintan Designs - donated bag 


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  1. Great job on the Zuzu's Petals, Jim! It's beautiful!!