Monday, November 25, 2013

Episode 121: Put A Turkey On Your Head!

25% off scent of the month: pomegranate

Farm Happenings: Fuji update/Sundaisy's Purrrfect Podcast (Hope)

In the Coop: Pomme de Pin/pet blanket/ELF sock

Flown the Coop: Pet blanket/secret knits

Squeal Like a Pig:
Serene Collection by Katie Degroff [sheltipap](person)

In the Arena:

Sandy (angelmum3) posted: Peddlers Way is going to be a collection site for knitted and crocheted hats, scarves, mittens, etc. We will get them distributed. Also quilts and pillow cases are being accepted. The store did not sustain damage but is not open today. Hopefully soon as power is restored and people are able to be admitted to the town. The address is 127 Peddlers Way, Washington, IL 61571 It is a very difficult time for all of us. One of the gals that works at the shop lost everything and everyone is affected in some way. Thanks so much for all prayers and concerns. You are such an awesome bunch!!!!

My friend, Kate, asked me.....So, I’m kind of posing this question to anyone who might answer me. I was facing severe shoulder issues when I started thinking about this, and I was just kind of wondering what other people would make…
I was wondering, what I want my knitting legacy to be. What is the ONE piece of knit (or crochet) that I want to have finished. What one piece, if you only had X amount of stitches left in you, would you want to make sure that it is made. What is your unicorn? Would it be something to comfort you or your family if you could no longer knit? (A blanket? A shawl? A sweater?) or would it be something fantastically lacy and beautiful to show off skills? Cables? What kind of yarn would you use? Why would you choose what you choose?
Now, we all know that we can’t live forever, and tomorrow is never guaranteed, so if you haven't made it (or started it) what’s holding you back on making your legacy piece? A skill not learned yet? Cost?
Just me being curious…

SOCKer along...September/October/November/December prizes: 2 $25 gift certificates. from Birdlegbags/Fishknits Yarn donating 2 skeins

Ginger donating a coupon code $25 for her shop Absolute Wonder for the Sock(er) along!!!

Round Up: buttons

Inner Yarn Zen giveaway has another do you indulge yourself? others?

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JoDee of Fishknits Yarn

Rosyretro (Tabs)
2 styles of stitch markers in my shop for Fujis fight and 100% of the money after fees will go to you directly to help with travel costs etc. 

Help Fuji Fight Like a Girl

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