Monday, March 28, 2016

Episode 243: We Grow Weeds!

Farm Happenings:  Easter/gardening

Farmer's Almanac:  

I am sure you chatted about this a while ago but i am not sure. Did you mention that you make your own dog treats ? My daughter has a cocker spaniel puppy who thinks hes a stroppy teenager and doesnt need to follow any training she is trying to do with him . The shop bought reward treats are giving him belly ache… Resulting in runny you know what! Minxxy/Susan

Squeal Like a Pig:  
On the Round yarn won from iknit2purl2
Message from Martina Behm to repost my photo!
Round Up
Packyknits Design (Heidi/packyknits1) ....  skein of yarn...wolfe16 til May 1
Leftfieldknitter (annfran25/Ann)  



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