Monday, April 4, 2016

Episode 244: The Puppy Rodeo!

Farm Happenings:  Spring Break/Cosmo BD/Trouble/Papi vet/garden & trees

In the CoopScrappy Happy Blanket 2/Hermiones Everyday Socks/Smell Snow Socks/Spinning
Flown the Coop:  Snowy Tempest

Squeal Like a Pig:  
Round Up
Winter Hatch a Knit!  Prizes:  #553 MollioMali (leftfieldknitter bag/sm) #6 s0nicfreak Amanda (packyknits skein) #326 ctagility Carol Wolfe Farm soap/lotion
Packyknits Design (Heidi/packyknits1) ....  skein of yarn...wolfe16 til May 1 
Leftfieldknitter (annfran25/Ann)  


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