Monday, August 22, 2016

Episode 263: Breast Sense of Humor!

Farm Happenings: Shoulder/Judge Fair/Fair/internet

Books:   The Host by Robin Cook/Terminal by Robin Cook/A for Alibi by Sue Grafton/D for Deadbeat by Sue Grafton/E for Evidence by Sue Grafton/Cozy Mystery Scone/Probiotics by Jessica Campbell
Round Up
Summer Sport Weight Sweater KAL SSSKAL sponsored by The Rusted  Stitch & Show Me Yarn!
Show Me Yarn Coupon code: SSSKAL10  
Good on any custom order of our Cyclone base in a sweaters quantity in any of our tonal or semi solid colorways. Good 1 use per person through August up on Show Me Yarn’s Ravelry
Summer Hatch a Knit:  July/August/September 
Wolfe Farms Soap/Lotion
Wolfe Farms Stitch Markers
Bags from Tena
Episode 34 (March 26, 2012) - lighting qualities/window light demo/backgrounds

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