Monday, September 5, 2016

Episode 264: Out The Other End!

Farm Happenings: Shoulder/Back to School/Party for Parents/Dog Baths & Vet

Books:   G is for Gumshoe/H is for Homicide/F is for Fujitive/J is for Judgement/B is for Burglur/K is for Killer/O is for Outlaw by Sue Grafton; Terminal/Brain/Seizure/Fever/Toxin by Robin Cook; Green Velvet Donut Mystery, Frozen Scoop of Murder, Chocolate Crunch Murder
Round Up
Summer Sport Weight Sweater KAL SSSKAL sponsored by The Rusted  Stitch & Show Me Yarn!
Erin gimmeyarn418
Wolfe Farms Soap/Lotion
Wolfe Farms Stitch Markers
Bags from Tena


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